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Case study-office365

Office 365 Migration decreases Server Load for Real Estate Agents Training Firm

By Recommendation Only, based in Carlsbad, Calif., affords coaching and training to real estate agents throughout the Australia and New Zealand.  While its programs, tools and community serve an extensive range of experts, the small business’s staffs often have to wear manifold hats to take care of their clients.  Through migrating to Microsoft Office 365 with the aid of Agile IT, the association was able to professionally upgrade its members’ email and software programs, and save money by virtualizing many of its attendants.

Business Requirements

By Referral Only’s personnel were running on multiple programs and operating systems, ranging from Windows XP to Windows 7 and from Microsoft Office 2007 to 2010.  The company’s IT staff was looking to carry everyone up to speed with a stage that would be informal to accomplish.  “We’re a small corporation that moves carefully and slowly,” said Tony Stewart, IT analyst for By Referral Only.  “But we were overdue the times and needed to catch up.”

The company also required to move its data storage to the Cloud, virtualizing many of its servers located across Sydney County.  Cutting down on equipment and the time required to maintain that equipment would help the small commercial significantly censored costs.


Touching its staffs to Microsoft Office 365 enabled By Referral Only to apprise its systems, respond to its clients in real-time and get rid of some of its servers. Once the business traveled its operators to Office 365, it was able to drop its Sharepoint servers and Exchange, and was also in line to drop its file servers and terminal, saving the company both money and time.

To help with the migration, By Referral Only’s IT team was looking for a technology companion they might count on to make the change as seamless as possible. Agile IT didn’t just provide the company with technical expertise, easy-to-understand advice and documentation, it also was flexible in letting By Referral Only’s IT team handle what it could to keep the overall price tag of the migration very minimal. “We researched a lot of companies around our area and I just felt really comfortable with the plan Agile IT had,” said Stewart. “We were observing for them to be an allowance of our team and, from start to end, it was a boundless experience.”


Moving to Microsoft Office 365 has assisted By Referral Only get quicker to reaching its goal of having only five servers – after having 20 – allowing the small business to reallocate money before spent on equipment and hardware.  Not only is the new web portal’s user interface easy to custom for the IT team, By Referral Only’s staffs continue to enjoy working in the Cloud and love the new version of Microsoft viewpoint.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Microsoft Office 365 for By Referral Only is harmony of mind.  “I feel more at ease as a manager because I don’t have to concern about my server deafening or how good the gridlocks are,” said Stewart.  “I feel better at after work.”


Skype Cloud PBX Solution Ease Communication for Busy Global Comp

Many firms do all business in a physical office, so why should message and voice communication be limited to computers and desk phones? Cloud PBX solutions resolve the requirement for physical phone lines, allowing staffs to make voice calls via a broadband Internet line. Interestingly, interrupted call quality is a debated issue, IT companies like Australian Barbell to rely on email contact rather than phone call alone for overall communication.

That’s why Australian Barbell CEO John Barb set his plan on Skype for Business Cloud PBX when initiating his practice tools company in 2013.

Headquarter located in Dabboo, the company also has a manufacturing house in Vietnam and satellite workers across the NSW and East Asia. Staffs have to travel usually and communicate always followed global scale. To manage a corporate environment while allocating team members to work continently, John needed an effective, all-in-one communication package connection as such as Skype for Business Cloud PBX.


Previously the Skype for Business PSTN calling capabilities became okay, John used Line2 for VoIP and and Skype for inhouse messaging. Using different communication tools was difficult to maintain, unreliable and costly. For example, when making phone calls with Line2, staffs often had to convert to email because sound quality wasn’t standard.

We would be paying for Skype for Business through our Office 365 subscriptions,” John said. “Paying for and Line2 just didn’t make any sense.”

With continental employees, transferring was also a big problem. John wanted a voice system that could seamlessly transferring callers to manager lines without differing his staffs to come into the office.

Amid running and merging an improving business, John also wore the IT hat. Operating with daily computer issues added a layer of detracted and stress from more important objectives. He not only requires a supplier to fix Skype for Business, but also a cloud partner to resolve the IT issues.


With the setup of Skype for Business Cloud PBX in 2015, John could finally fixed external and internal communications into cutting costs via one license for his company.

But fixing up the new voice communication system included porting over numbers and updating user licenses to the new software.  Without an in-house IT staffs, John needed a reliable partner to finish the project and given constant networking support.

Implementing with Agile IT, John gained:

  • Skype for Business Cloud PBX implementation for 37 sub desks
  • Accessing for Skype for Business Readiness, Planning and Assessment
  • Permitting support for Office 365 E5 and PSTN voice plans
  • Present DIDs (direct inward dialling numbers) stimulated to Microsoft voice services
  • One Auto Linked
  • Three Ring Collections


The best part of affecting to the Skype for Business phone system? Local personnel, distant workers, global associates and patrons can all enjoy continual voice calls and move projects along earlier.

From a customer’s viewpoint, Australian Barbell is also a specialized business situation. Transferring calls is a mechanical, one-step process with Auto Associated, and employees can take calls from anyplace.

With Agile IT’s cloud technicians at his disposal, John doesn’t have to tamper with employee computers, fix email glitches and field IT questions he knows little about. With accomplished IT services, users can now call Agile IT directly for printer matters or computer.

Overall, the change was seamless, John said. With exercise from Agile IT, staffs could begin by means of the cloud PBX resolution the similar day.


10 stunning advantages of Ecloud

Freedom of abstraction

Improving the IT enterprise is all about freedom of abstraction and simplicity. We restlessly put a layer on the other, to manage with the huge complicacy of hardware and software. Moreover, we openly set back responsibilities and role to varify layers and to inform others taking care of it, so we can point on what’s really essential: designing proper application that could earn money for our clients! The whole process indicates abstraction.

Scalability and Unlimited Resources

Efficiently unlimited and precise. Common hosting model, increasing our computing skills is a tedious and long process. We require to increase plan ahead, business growth, verify hardware, evaluate by the vendor and purchase, shipping and wait for installation. Let’s be active, we do not have the system to foresee what the next, so we usually finish up with neither not enough server to use the traffic, or owning too much useless hardwires and costing for them to sit idle mode. The harder we try to avoid this inconsistency, the more prosperous the system itself forms.


The system on our process tend to generate. This can be happening at several levels, depends on your own situation. As a such as:

  • If we are in the tourism business, we are busy in certain times of the year.
  • If we are in accounting guy, we have to deal things that people do have on a quarterly or monthly basis.
  • If we exchange with any person at all, depends on where are they, we may inform that they use the whole system on certain parts of the day.

Beside from this, there are also sudden rise that we can usually increase, like Black Sunday, and those we can’t, such as the Slash effect. In the process of Cloud, we can dealt with all of this by weighing down and up to date automatically, only costing for accurately what we utilise at any define moment while ineffectively operating everything kept at us. However, with our allocated servers, we could be continuously either rejecting or overpaying to use some requests because of different limits.

Control and Insight

The expenses of operating our own infrastructure and hardware is often convoluted and indirect. Initially, there are a lot of primary payments, at the same time other bills have to be reset over the different time periods. Moreover, we can plan and predict to handle random problems and emergencies, aware about staffs and other different potentialities.

Standard presentation

Cloud is the new and easily accessible standard for users. It is common – and operating usual things normally pays off. absolutely, performing thriving things might resulted more, but “usual” is key step on the purpose to “thriving” after avoiding the “old-fashioned” zone. True, the Cloud is a continually updating and reliable as an endless opportunity to be thrive on a daily basis, too. As we familiarise a new chapter of abstractions, worldwide acceptable standard soon followed.


Ecloud comes with many features. There is constant specialisation in heavy operations, processor, with various speedy options or memory with extended network coverage. We could need drives for fast hard or might be just a lot of them. It can be debated that we can purchase all of them ourselves and replace our main racks. This is running true, but those needs vary adjusting hardware manually and over time to compensate its complicacy.

Scale of Economy

Key Cloud infrastructure providers, as such as Azure, Google Cloud Platform and AWS are basically boundless. They are operating their services around 20 different regions, each operating many data centres while they can purchase and operate hardwires cheaper than others. When they are developing their 50th machine facility in a row, they aware how to implement this effectively.

Easy Maintenance

With ECloud, we do not require to operate such strategy. Network tools are covered under the abstraction of facility and engaged with of behind the parts, just like botched hard drives, overlooked processors and other hardware difficulties that previously required our consideration. Likewise, on the software level of managed services, we don’t have to apprehension about covering the database, big data framework or ampoule engine. It’s fingered overdue the scenes and all we need to do is resolve the apprise window, in case of key squares that might affect the functionality.

Major Cost Reduction

Just chartering space in current outdated data centres. servers, Racks, switches, network cables, firewalls, power supplies, all other equipment and hard drive arrays require to be credited, tested and installed. This is a big delinquent, especially for start-ups with unproven business plans, limited funding and unrealistic capacity necessities. With the Cloud, we hop all these risky and huge funds and just pay as we drive for what we practice. One strength argues, however, that it’s just an once investment, but Moore’s law is in the classic model and merciless, our servers will become radically inefficient at some fact and will need additional.


Case study VoIP Implementation to improve health service at a Hospital


The acquisition of a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system to replace an outdated telephone system at a hospital. The old Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system was incapable of handling customer inquiries during the busy winter season. The inefficient systems exposed the organization to missed and delayed calls, which lead to a considerable number of customer complaints and lost revenue. Guided by the system-friendly approach of updated retooling, computer engineers followed the steps of problem diagnosis, analysis of competing solutions, implementation, and assessment of the VoIP system as the replacement telecommunications platform. System overall performance and evaluation data were collected during and after system implementation. Assessment of the new VoIP system demonstrated improved availability, speed, and reliability of the information provided to customers. New functionalities, such as patient and hospital staff’s inquiry of the database, provided through the VoIP system pushed the self-service adoption to a record high level.


To become successful, the retooling process could also need to involve the participation of a wide range of stakeholders at all levels and the consideration of a number of key components, technical and non-technical. The central concept of retooling, like many other technology updates and implementations, often involves problem-solving to address a specific technical issue of ineffectiveness, inefficiency, or dysfunction. On problems solution based demonstrates its importance as well as its broad impacts in almost all fields of scientific and practical operations. In the field of information technologies, problem solving is one of the most frequent activities carried out to address technical concerns such as trouble-shooting.


To meet the business requirements at the hospital, the new VoIP system needed to support the following ten capabilities:

  • A minimum of 15 stations utilizing a VoIP telephone device with ability to support up to a total of 30 stations
  • IVR capability
  • Voicemail for individual users and for groups, available during and after-hours
  • Time conditions for open and closed settings
  • Five incoming (FXO) phone lines
  • Three analog (FXS) station lines
  • Station to Station calling
  • Transfer of calls
  • Intercom function
  • Historical call records


The initial challenge faced was an old phone system that could not adequately support call volumes. Guided by the problem-solving strategy, the project analysed the technical issue, evaluated three feasible technological solutions, and implemented the VoIP system with satisfactory results. With VoIP quickly becoming a standard system for telecommunications, there are many additional features that can be implemented. After the successfully implemented of the VoIP communication systems, the allowing recommendations were made to the hospital’s future IT plan. First, the company should move from hardware phones to softphones (a software application for phone functions). The softphones program will reduce dependence on additional hardware components and provide additional flexibility to users. Features such as videoconferencing and instant messaging can be incorporated in a softphone with just a code upgrade. Hardware phones have limited upgradeability.

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Why entrepreneur should use Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) is very popular phenomena at present for combined service and cyber security easily with low costs in all over the world.

We outlined UC as a method of technologies that assist business organisations, IT professionals and clients communicate anyway, anytime and work more proficiently and effectively even change the way one does by following guideline of latest processes. Needless to say, that all seems like UC myth but mentioning a Unified Communication formula is often hard than its presentation. Some formal issues that business firm meet include:

  • Finding the budget and commercial reason to change forward with a complete integrated UC system
  • To Ensure your prioritised system working with existed on-premises technology or your hybrid environment
  • To create the environment of employee’s adaptation

These issues are all sustainable when staffs understands the advantages  that a totally implemented by UC solutions can bring the 3 main responds – which contains initially, the firm as a whole, then, the individual staffs and thirdly, the clients. Advantages that deduct across all three groups include:

  • Improve productivity and accessibility
  • Actively collaborating
  • Improve access to marketplace
  • Decrease cost

By using proper tools in place staffs one can more flexibly collaborate on schedule, which is turn into created a more optimistic drives on sales, culture, and increase overall client services.

When one is not accessing through lost dysfunction, files, emails missing graphics you can do your job in a more proper way. Proper communication and operations processing allow you to find your idea, product, and answer to market more quickly. The quicker you answered to your clients the perfect your base line becomes.

Today’s professionals do not agree to be told where and when they can do work and having all the culture and tools that assists this kind of collaboration allows companies to be “geographically blind” when make hire – providing you the opportunity to appoint the good for your organisation no worry about location.

Whenever you are an entrepreneur or a cloud related start-up there’s no denial that present UC systems can increase your overall productivity and flexibility.

Finally, is of course the base line – and this works in two way when it brings to Unified Communications process. The main aspect is why UC is keeping off in the initial place.

Security experts suggests that “small enterprise will adopt with cloud and faster audio conferencing than their big enterprises counterparts though 2022.” In turns, by implementing effective UC, companies keep themselves developing services and productivity, as noted before, which have also direct relations on the impacts the base line.

Case Study: 200 Room in a hotel internal communication PBX


Client: International Hotel Chain

Location: Laverton, Victoria, AU

Year: 2019

Industry: Accommodation Service

Number of sites: 100 desks and 100 room satellite home office


A reputed international chain hotel in Laverton, Victoria, Australia installed eCloud for their internal and head office communication system engaging with customer inquiry, reception linkage and company head office communication for smooth business.

Now, they have around 100 customers and are using a mix of Polycom SIP telephones and Toshiba SIP Wireless telephones with Broadcom Definity PBX, VegaStream VoIP Gateway and eCloud PBX. Each floor has between 20 to 25 customers with Polycom SIP telephones and every sub-office has one Polycom SIP telephone. eCloud PBX communication items will work well for those client as they scale up to 400 clients later on.

Challenges and Requirements:

Because of the numerous customer areas, there were three noteworthy issues they wished to determine by bringing IP PBX item into their network. To begin with, hotel room locations and specialists in head office workplaces were isolated from the fundamental corporate phone framework, counteracting smooth correspondence with internal communication. Secondly, the overall maintenance for the system of the hotel problematic and costly. The authority wanted to minimise the expense and time for keeping up their corporate-wide communication. Third, the hotel required a smooth and noiseless usage for their valued customer on the grounds that the task of the room service workplaces and home office couldn’t be interfered.


By introducing IP PBX framework, the close distance communication and satellite head office got their extension numbers associated with the main server. This change was a big advantage for the head office, network experts making their correspondence easy and more effective. With eCloud PBX’s electronic managerial systems of PBX, the overall maintenance of the network communication can be cultivated properly. This extra time and cost in setting up the communication easy and perfect, and decreases costs for day by day support. With the high interoperability rate of eCloud PBX and simple installment, the change to IP Telephony system was perfect and faster for the hotel.

Result and Benefits:

After huge research, the integrator who has operated this installation, Buzz Systems, picked eCloud PBX for this task. This product ensured internal maintenance tools just as simple change from the old telephone communication system to new IP telephony system which is client required. By using IP-PBX telephone system into their hotel, the organization had the option to take advantage of IP items for interfacing hotel to head office communication all intents and purposes borderless. The eCloud PBX’s web regulatory tools enable the integrator to set up different locations and satellite room workplaces remotely without intruding on their day by day operations. An element I would like to offer there is the capability to the call logs to email subsequently, at each day from different email address.

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Case Study: Dentists @Your Door


Client: Dentists @ Your Door

Location: Aircraft, Victoria

Year: 2019

Industry: Dentistry, Oral and facecare

Dentists @Your Door is at Aircraft, Victoria based bulk billing dentistry. Oral and Facecare facilities for local patients for long time. It offers various kinds of traditional and modern dentistry and relevant care as well as surgery, therapy and Medicare at Specialised Medical Practices. Dentists @Your Door also provide emergency and nursing support is case of patient needs as excellent services.


Dentists @Your Door haven’t any online service, so are completely unable to reach online patients as a result they are out of huge online marketing, comparatively their competitive medical reach out those customers and getting more patients. At the same time, Dentists @Your Door couldn’t ale to highlight their purpose of service to patient due to web inexistence. Now a day, lack of proper communication, they are losing patients and fame in the market, as a result their productivity and serving capability has been hampered keenly.


Dentists @Your Door had ordered us to make a real time interactive web solution, booking, billing and overall network support. To continue their services and compete at current market they haven’t other option in front of them at the moment. They have planned structure, excellent dentist team, trained administration officers and long-term fame on dentistry business.


By following and analysing their work-order, we offered them a market-oriented solution to solve their networking issues and online communication. We agreed to provide them a fully secured, end-to-end multi-purpose network services, they can receive online booking, over the phone consultation, telephone or video-conferencing with patients, so that they can consult with patients to grow their business services and cost minimising. We provided them to minimise their overall operation costs and solving network issues, by maintaining the highest level of network performance and schedule. Our solutions help them to focus their main purpose of goal and solving unnecessary network issues and system collapse.

We also develop a multi-purpose website for them and that website will be helpful for them to reach more customers and catch more patients to providing better services and make the highest profit.

Moreover, we provided Dentists @Your Door, SEO services and assist them to improve their website rankings to visitors. It will help them to focus their key services to the people and attract visitors to visit their sites more and more and become interactive, for example giving like, comment or feedbacks.


By taking services from us, Dentists @Your Door is now capable to highlight more on their main purpose and doing better business than before. Now, they can manage all kinds of online booking, giving online consultation, video conferencing with patients, emergency responding and doctors schedule easily. By using our services, they are able to minimise their network and website operation expenses as well as their business profits and service generation have been increased.

Our digital marketing strategy services assist Dentists @Your Door to increase their profit, compete in market, attract patients and ensure their quality of services.


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Know How To Keep Your Business Cyber Safe

According to Australian Government’s Cyber Security Review , cybercrime is costing the Australian economy around $1 billion annually in direct costs alone.  Some analysts say that data breaches could cost Australian businesses about $8 trillion over the next five years, largely because of higher levels of connectivity without a proportionate level of investment in security.

The ATO or Australian Taxation Office works with the Attorney-General’s Department, the Department of Human Services, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC),  the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) as well as other government regulatory agencies & departments for combating the growing threat of identity theft as well as cybercrime.

A few months back, the government implemented the NDBs or Notifiable Data Breach Scheme, administered by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. This scheme applies to all agencies & organisations responsible for keeping personal information secure under the Privacy Act.  It introduced an obligation to notify individuals when their personal information is involved in a data breach that’s likely to result in serious harm. Also, they need to report the OAIC of those data breaches.

In their first quarterly report that was published on 11 April 2018, the  Office of the Australian Information Commissioner said that they had received 63 breach notifications in 6 weeks since launch. In this period, human error was the reason of 51 percent of eligible data breaches reported to the OAIC.

This suggests that although security solutions are important in order to ensure data security, it is better not rely on them alone.  Effective cyber security requires organizations to have sound employee training, procedures as well as policies. Also these elements should be considered in the context of ‘digital supply chains’ within the business, because often business data is shared with third parties.

So how can you prevent becoming a victim of cybercrime?

The ​Australian Taxation Office has developed cyber security tips in consultation with the Cyber Security Working Group – comprised of tax practitioner industry groups as well as other industry partners in order to help prevent businesses from becoming cyber crime victims.

Simple steps such as ensuring passwords are strong & secure as well as not leaving any information unattended are highly important. Adding an extra layer of security on accounts with multi-factor authentication is also essential.

System access needs to be removed from former employees. Also, it is highly important to secure private Wi-Fi networks as well as be careful while using public Wi-Fi networks. And it is better to avoid making transactions while using public or complimentary Wi-Fi,as this may put your information at risk.

In addition to these, ensure that all your business devices have the latest security updates installed as well as don’t forget to run weekly anti-malware scans. Also, it is essential to make offline backups of all your important data on a regular basis as this will not only help you in the event of a disk failure but will also help you minimise the impact of Ransomware. And never click on links in email, download programs, open unsolicited emails & attachments, or use external hard drives from any unfamiliar sources, as these may contain malware and therefore can infect your computers.

And if your business has a social media presence, you should be very careful with the information you make available using these platforms. You should keep any personally identifying information private as well as be aware of who you are exactly interacting with because scammers may take these publicly available information & then use it to impersonate people within your business. For instance, scammers may send scam mails for tricking staffs into providing vital information or even releasing funds. Also, you should monitor business accounts like digital portals, bank accounts as well as social media on a regular basis for unusual activity or transactions that look suspicious.

What would you do if you have already been a victim of cybercrime?

Lost or compromised data can be very difficult & expensive to recover.  If you think that you have become a victim of cyber crime, you should act quickly as well as seek support as early as possible for reducing the impact on your business.

  • If the breach involves tax or superannuation data, please contact the Australian Taxation Office as early as possible so that they can apply measures for protecting your business, clients as well as staffs where necessary
  • Inform impacted clients as well as staffs of the breach immediately
  • Contact your software provider immediately if you think that the breach have originated in one of their service offerings
  • Consider which information was accessed and then take steps for safeguarding this where necessary.
  • Take immediate steps to secure all the vital information in your business by making sure that all security software & controls are up-to-date
  • Review systems access as well as remove it for your former employees who no longer need it
  • Follow security best practice for minimizing the risk in your business & reinforce these practices with your employees.

Although large government agencies like the Australian Taxation Office play a significant role in keeping Australia’s data safe & secure, it is not possible for them to do it alone. It is everyone’s responsibility to create a cyber safe Australia.

SMS Marketing

Did you know that 95% of customers who have connected with a brand did so using their mobile?

There’s a special relationship between a human and their mobile phone. According to a study by National Consumer Study (NCS), “SMS is the most effective way to reach users, with a 90 percent read rate in minutes. When it comes to timeliness of delivery, SMS maintains the highest engagement rate in comparison to emails and over-the-top (OTT) apps.”

Your audience is just a text away.

Businesses of all sizes are discovering that they can effectively integrate SMS marketing into a larger marketing strategy. With the help of SMS marketing automation, brands can create, schedule, and automate smart targeting campaigns.

Key benefits of using SMS marketing:

  •  Easy Set-Up & Integration
  • Personalised SMS Campaigns
  • Higher Open Rate than Emails
  • Cost Effective
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Reach a Wide Demographic
  • Works with Other Types of Marketing
  • Fast Delivery
  • Strengthens Customer Engagement
  • Customers Can Opt-In and Opt-Out
  • Flexible and Customizable

What businesses use SMS marketing for:

  •  A new product or service
  • Sale or offers
  • Notifications
  • Delivery updates
  • Appointment reminders
  • Important news
  • Customer Service
  • Support

Why Choose FLYONIT?

  • We offer great customer service to help you work from anywhere and anytime.
  • We will help you make your workforce more efficient, effective and productive.
  • With us, you can now transform your business and experience improved efficiency and increased productivity.

So, what are you waiting for? When a customer is on their phone next, make sure they’re reading a message from you. Embrace the smartphone generation and give business SMS a go for free today.

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