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Impact of Cloud Based Phone System on Your Business

The workplaces are developing and there is a risk of significant impacts on productivity and profitability if your business doesn’t keep pace run. Nowadays everyone expects that they can meet, call, conference, collaborate and message from a single application. Businesses are able to increase productivity through there arise a complex situation through hybrid working conditions. So, there is a necessity for any business to adapt and scale systems and processes to fulfil their business needs.  

A cloud based phone system creates a huge impact on your business. It successfully enables your businesses to manage communication services in a less costly, more streamlined, and agile manner. During communication through cloud services, anyone can manage costs and simplify, and collaborate with ease for keeping your business collaborating and communicating. Now, you have to know the reason for choosing a cloud based phone system. 

  1. Perfect business features – It provides features such as a Virtual Assistant and Auto Attendant. So you never miss a call or roughly you can get call centre solutions.
  2. Cost-saving – Cloud based phone systems are less expensive relative to monthly service rates versus that of a traditional system. So, it is helping to reduce costs and increase profitability.
  3. Fully-integrated communications system – To increase efficiency smooth communication is compulsory for workflows and business processes. Cloud business tools are easy to utilise and help employees to stay connected whether they are in the office or on the go. So, providing seamless access to email, voice, videoconferencing, CRM tools, and instant messaging, gives a consistent business presence and helps to increase productivity. 
  4. Increase mobility – Using a cloud based business, small business employees can log in from anywhere. So, the revenue-producing employees get greater control over their productivity.
  5. Better time management – This system enables the IT staff to manage their systems more efficiently. So, it enables better time management. Also, it can integrate with other cloud-based applications, which gives access to the employees through their mobiles, and thus their efficiency remains the same as the office.
  6. Reduce the risk of obsolescence – Hardware parts need to be replaced anytime. Also, updating equipment is very difficult. But in the cloud solution, infrastructure update shifts from the customer to the service provider. So, enjoy up-to-date technology without dedicating budget and resources to maintain it.

The above features you will get only in a cloud-based system. In other phone systems, you cannot get these. Now, we will discuss what you will get from this system.   

  1. Reliability – Even there is a disaster hits such as a natural disaster or a cyber-attack, cloud-based systems allow you to keep your business up and running.
  2. Productivity – As all employees are working from one tool, they are not wasting time switching between applications for document sharing, collaboration, and meetings. So it provides a consistent business presence and helps to increase productivity.
  3. Low cost – It is cheaper than any other traditional phone system, available in the market. So, if you want to streamline your communication expenditure, you must move to cloud communications.
  4. Robust call feature – With the cloud-operated business phone service, anyone can on or off easily the features as per their needs. 
  5. Fast implementation – Within an easy-to-use portal, cloud-based systems enable you to add users and scale. It is very easy to install business tools in the cloud. 

In the future, if you are expecting that your business will grow, then investing in the cloud-based system is a very smart choice for you, as if is very cost-efficient. It makes on boarding very fast and meetings very efficient. It removes all barriers, which you are facing with old communication systems putting you back in control. 

Case Study-Microsoft Teams Calling Replace Traditional Business Phone Systems


In a business organisation, Microsoft Teams has become one of the most popular collaboration technology. As almost all companies need a conferencing and virtual chat solution for their remote work environment during the pandemic, its assumption rate increased by 70% throughout Australia.   

Nowadays to replace their business telephony, Microsoft Teams calling is a popular choice for enterprises looking. According to Loop Up, when it comes to deploying Microsoft Teams Calling, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner cloud telephony firm, organisations aren’t always aware of the options available to them. 

Teams mainly combine your internal and external communications into one unified hub. It basically allows your organisation to connect with external phone lines. Now you can use Teams as a mature business phone system (PBX). Within the Teams app, you can keep your make/receive calls and your existing phone number. 

So, you can get more features at a very low cost with Microsoft Teams. You can not get these in a traditional phone system. So, Microsoft Teams is the best option for you. 


In this 21st century for running a business smoothly seamless communication is mandatory. The traditional phones can’t provide that. People are always happy to use a wireless system, as you can get easy access from anywhere. The traditional phone comprises a wired system. So, you can’t get these features also. You can’t get a high level of built-in security in a traditional system. So, anyone can easily get access and tap your phone. Also, the cost of the traditional system is very high. 

Now, you don’t need to panic. Microsoft Teams calling comes with a complete solution of not only the above problems but also gives a tremendous service to grow your business with a minimal cost.  


  1. Unified communication- You can get one seamless central communication platform that integrates your phone with your contacts, instant messaging, calendar, email, and presence. So, it notably magnifies internal and external business communications. 
  2. Budget-friendly calling- Microsoft provides cost-effective calling plans within the Teams calling system. Making budgeting simple, it also charged at a fixed monthly fee. 
  3. Flexible- Depending on requirements, you can design your business calling around departments, or specific phone lines. It can grow and adapt as your business grows, as it is highly scalable. 
  4. Easily accessible- Microsoft Teams calling comes with cloud-based infrastructure. So, it can be easily accessed from anywhere. 
  5. Easy to use- As Windows apps are based on the same or a similar framework, anyone can adopt Teams calling very easily. 


  1. Hassle-free deployment- Being a certified Microsoft partner and an expert in the business telephony field, FLYONIT will handle the migration of your current calling system to Teams calling. We’ll ensure you can get the benefits of Teams calling ASAP, as the entire process is hassle-free, fast-tracked, and simple.  
  2. Reduce cost- There is no need to manage on-premise PBX equipment, on Microsoft Teams. So, it easily reduced hardware expenditure. You have to pay only for the resources you need. So, it saves your money. 
  3. Centralization- MS Teams always allows all users of your organisation to use a single telephony hub with any Teams-enabled device. They can use it anywhere.  
  4. Simplicity- It comes with an instinctive interface and you can successfully access call-handling functions such as call forwarding, transfer, hold, and voicemail all from the cloud. 


Now, you can say goodbye to the awkward traditional business phone systems and welcome Microsoft Teams Calling. With Teams, your ‘desk phone’ can be on the road, in the office, or in another country! 

Unified Communication

Reasons Why Your Business Needs Unified Communication

Without communication a business cannot run successfully. If you want to expand your business, if you want to generate more profit, you should ensure proper communication within your team and with your business associates. In case, you are not sure how to improve communication, you can seek assistance from an expert. The unified communication solutions befitting your business needs will be able to elevate your business communication and help you stay connected with the rest of the world. In case, you are not aware of the benefits of a unified communication solution, here is a list that can help you come to a decision.

Just One System To Maintain

Unified communications as a service bring forth everything under one roof. So, you get to manage an umbrella and not a lot of branches. It simplifies the IT infrastructure management system because, with unified communication, you don’t have to pay attention to multiple communication processes. With one system at hand, you have the luxury of paying attention to other systems rather than focusing on business communication only.

Increased Productivity

Unified communication is the best system that can increase company productivity. It helps by simplifying the communication system and enables the employees to stay connected to each other. They get an easy way to communicate during working hours and even after that. In this era of remote working systems, unified communication is the best possible solution to opt for.

It Saves A Lot Of Time

Time becomes a big factor when it comes to running a successful business. If you find yourself managing every business related thing but not your business, you should turn towards unified communication. When you have just one system to manage, you get to manage your time better. It saves a lot of time which you can use somewhere else. Due to this reason, with time unified communication and its benefits are gaining fame among the business owners.

Higher Security

So, with time the threat of cyber attacks has increased. You have no way of knowing when an attack might take place on your system. For this reason, it becomes essential to solidify cyber security. Unified communications as a service help in securing the communication system by giving business communication a single platform. If you are using just one platform to manage your business communication, you can keep it safe from the malice outside attacks. Therefore, if you live in fear of cyber attacks or sensitive data threats, you should go for a suitable unified communication package.

Cost Effective

Unified communication is cost effective because it does not come with multiple systems. You get just one platform to manage, maintain, and pay attention to. For this reason, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on business communication software maintenance. You just pay for one system and that’s it. This solution makes it possible to save a lot of money on communication software maintenance. It saves you from installing a plethora of communication systems for better business operation.

Ease Of Use

Employees need a simple system that they can navigate without assistance. If you install a system that does not offer ease of use, your employees will face a lot of problems. Unified communication offers a simple operation process that is easy to deal with. Therefore, the employees don’t feel bewildered while attempting to use the system. For this reason, business owners prefer a unified communication solution over anything else.

Better Customer Service

When you have a simple communication system, you get the luxury of serving your customers better. Because it is just a single platform, you reduce the chance of missing a client call.

Lastly, when you are using a unified communication system, you should try to hire an expert to assist you. They will be able to guide you on this journey.


Microsoft Teams Phone System for Business Solutions

Microsoft Teams Phones are the future of telephones. They offer a suitable way to connect your desk phone to your laptop and function either as a phone from anywhere. We are pleased to declare that we will now be deeply focusing on our Microsoft Teams Phone System.

If you are looking for the best phone system for your business, you must know what makes a decent phone system. And more specifically, how can a phone system be best optimized for your business? Well, it’s a good question, and to save you hours of hunting online, we thought we would assemble this blog to assist you to find the best solution – Teams phone system.

Ready? Let’s get stuck in.

Microsoft Teams Phone:

To aid you to deliver the best quality and consistent communication experience, Microsoft Teams partnered with many acknowledged VoIP manufacturers to deliver you an extensive selection of desk phones and meeting phones. These phones come with their own exclusive features.

A bit on Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is a totally new experience that unites individuals, conversations, and content alongside the tools that teams require. At ECloud PBX, we are intensely dedicated to the duty of serving individuals and organizations to achieve more, and reinventing output for the cloud and mobile world is essential to our goal. We see both marvelous opportunities and marvelous modifications in how individuals and teams get work done. With Microsoft Teams, we seek to make a more open, digital setting that makes work noticeable, combined, and available across the team.

What Microsoft Teams mean for you?

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative workspace within Microsoft 365 or Office 365 that acts as a central hub for workspace chats, collaborative teamwork, video chats, and file sharing, all intended to support employee efficiency in a combined set of tools. Teams has moved more into the limelight as a crucial part of Microsoft’s workspace output and collaboration strategy.

Work from Home Compatibility:

Numerous companies have referred their staffs’ homes due to the coronavirus and require a certain technique to extend their telephone systems to comprise these home personnel. Teams Phones work very well in this circumstance. The Teams Phone will work the same as a telephone on the worker’s desk without posh hardware or software alterations to the internal business telephone system.

Technology has allowed for massive developments in communication and what you can do with virtual conferences. Contemporary technologies, for example, Teams Phones, are a lucrative and valuable addition to a business’s telecommunications . And, custom Microsoft teams PBX pricing is available in ECloud PBX.

Call Recording Phone Systems

A call recording phone system aids your business.  Call recording phone systems are fundamental phone systems that automatically record all inbound, outbound, internal, and external calls made within your business. All recorded calls are then effortlessly accessed through a secure cloud database for playback. Simple, right? Our systems provide you unblemished MP3s that can be saved for as long as you require, or backed up outwardly.     

For Microsoft teams phone system pricing info, see phone systems and calling plans

PSTN – Help you to Stay Productive While Working from Home

In the middle of present circumstances, the spread of the COVID-19 virus has instigated people in certain regions and other countries. Many staffs choose to work remotely and even companies are enforced for a “work from home” policy.

On the other hand, to be able to continue running a business, staying productive and working as normal is a challenge in itself, particularly for business people or personnel who work in groups; while coordinating, business conferences and other collaborative work must be carried out even though coworkers, business associates, prospects in other regions face the similar challenges.

By using the PSTN network; instant audio-conferencing can be a real-world solution in connecting numerous organizations, between locations, to be able to conduct teleconferencing in a secure virtual room. One of these service providers is ECloud PBX.

Working effectively and staying connected with coworkers and clients can be done even in challenging situations. This is obvious in the increasing use of virtual conference rooms in line with the enactment of travel restrictions between countries.

Although COVID-19 has been seen as the reason for the weakening of global economic conditions recently, we can also interpret this as an opportunity to make another contribution to the extensive community, providing quality telecommunications substitutes to business sustainability at large is one of them. Register now!                   


On-Premise PBX vs. VOIP – Which is better for Your Business?

If you want your business to succeed, making sure you have suitable resources and support is the first step. However, it isn’t always easy to do. If you don’t even know what the difference is between VoIP and on-premise PBX systems,   you can’t probably know which your business requires. Lucky for you though, our specialists at ECloud PBX know everything about the different business phone systems available today, in addition to how they each can impact your business.


What Is On-Premise PBX?

On-premise PBX or an IP-PBX phone system, as it’s also recognized, is similar to traditional PBX systems. Though, on-premise PBX needs on-site installation of PBX hardware within the business’s premises. IP telephone signal to an IP-PBX server using a LAN. VoIP is available using SIP trunking and calls go through a conventional telephone company supplier.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It denotes making phone calls that are made through the Internet, rather than through a regular landline or a mobile network. A VoIP system works by taking your analog voice signals, adapting them into digital signals, and then sending them as data over your broadband line.

It’s a very valuable way of making calls – for a start, once it’s set up it’s a lot inexpensive than using usual phone lines. It implies that, depending upon your setup, you might not need to pay for your calls based on distance, which nation you are calling, or how long you devote to talking.

Why Choose ECloud PBX?

We offer an extensive variety of telephony solutions personalized to encounter your requirements – whatever they may be! In business, you need telephony and connectivity that is cost-effective, consistent, flexible, and scalable meeting the way you do business. Whether you are in the workplace, working from home, or out and about we can provide for your requirements as a business.

At ECloud PBX we’re all about allowing businesses and individuals to communicate easier, faster, smarter, and more lucratively, so we know that we can assist you to take full benefit of the newest flexible ways of using your phones, broadband and save you money.

ECloud PBX has been providing telecom solutions to businesses and we pride ourselves on our proficiency and levels of service.

Businesses choose us because:

  • Australia based engineers deliver outstanding support
  • There are no posh yearly maintenance agreements
  • You benefit from system upgrades without requiring to update your hardware
  • The system is easily expandable to match your business development
  • If you move workplace your telephone number and system move with you
  • Authentic per second billing, and low-cost call rates

At ECloud PBX we understand the need to speak to a company that understands and listens to your business necessities and supports you in providing an outstanding service tailored to you. We pride ourselves on providing a first-class service to our customers and providing high-quality equipment at low costs. From start to finish we aim to deliver you a smooth and easy experience whether you buy a package or choose our personalized service.   

Business communications have changed vividly in recent years. ECloud PBX has been at the foremost edge of technologies to deliver effective telephone solutions that encounter those requirements. We’ve been providing business phone systems for thousands of businesses across Australia.  

To speak to an associate of our well-informed team, please contact us to find out how ECloud PBX can assist your business decrease expenditures and developing efficacy.

Virtual Office Phone System- Who Should Get this?

There are numerous benefits to having a virtual office phone system. Though, that doesn’t mean they’re for every person. Therefore, who should get a virtual office phone system?    

Small Businesses & Startups

Smaller businesses and startup companies can benefit from virtual office phone systems for a range of reasons. It’s also a lucrative substitute for traditional business phone systems and allows you to pay only for what you use. Finally, our business phone at eCloud PBX especially includes unbelievable features that can assist you to maintain control over your communications no matter where you are or what uncontrollable problems are in your way!

E-commerce Organizations

If all your business is done online, having Internet and cloud-based phone systems are the logical choice. It allows you to benefit from the flexibility and adaptability your business demands, while still guaranteeing ideal connectivity and cost-efficiency.     


Franchises, particularly those that have several establishments spread out across a massive area, are the perfect candidates for virtual office phone systems. With this kind of centralized telecommunication technology, keeping each franchise connected is easy. And above all, cloud-based systems are extremely flexible, meaning virtual phone systems will always evolve with your business.

Local Service Providers

Do you run a local business that doesn’t have a physical workplace location? Virtual office phone systems are absolutely for you! Our business phone systems especially can turn your whole service area into your office by allowing you to turn any personal device into an invaluable business resource.

At-Home Businesses

Want your home-based business to show the same proficiency as a genuine small business set up in any commercial workplace? Virtual office phone systems can offer you all that and more. Take benefit of our telecommunications services. We’ll ensure unbelievable cost savings by turning your existing devices into powerful tools for your success!

Choose ECloud PBX!

Ready to invest in your virtual office phone systems?  Choose our incredibly hosted PBX phone systems at eCloud PBX! Our telecommunication technology can offer your business all the facilities it requires to succeed, from call queuing, and automatic call distribution (ACD), CRM integrations, and 24/7 web control portals. All you have to do is tell us exactly how we can assist your business, and we’ll ensure our extraordinary multipurpose business phone systems handle the rest!

If you are looking for business phone systems, call eCloud PBX today for a free consultation. ECloud PBX is focused on making contemporary business communications smarter. ECloud PBX has delivered consistent, lucrative, full-featured, accessible cloud-based telephone services to enterprises.


Case study VoIP Implementation to improve health service at a Hospital


The acquisition of a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system to replace an outdated telephone system at a hospital. The old Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system was incapable of handling customer inquiries during the busy winter season. The inefficient systems exposed the organization to missed and delayed calls, which lead to a considerable number of customer complaints and lost revenue. Guided by the system-friendly approach of updated retooling, computer engineers followed the steps of problem diagnosis, analysis of competing solutions, implementation, and assessment of the VoIP system as the replacement telecommunications platform. System overall performance and evaluation data were collected during and after system implementation. Assessment of the new VoIP system demonstrated improved availability, speed, and reliability of the information provided to customers. New functionalities, such as patient and hospital staff’s inquiry of the database, provided through the VoIP system pushed the self-service adoption to a record high level.     


To become successful, the retooling process could also need to involve the participation of a wide range of stakeholders at all levels and the consideration of a number of key components, technical and non-technical. The central concept of retooling, like many other technology updates and implementations, often involves problem-solving to address a specific technical issue of ineffectiveness, inefficiency, or dysfunction. Problems solution based demonstrates its importance as well as its broad impacts in almost all fields of scientific and practical operations. In the field of information technologies, problem solving is one of the most frequent activities carried out to address technical concerns such as trouble-shooting.  


To meet the business requirements at the hospital, the new VoIP system needed to support the following ten capabilities:

  • A minimum of 15 stations utilizing a VoIP telephone device with the ability to support up to a total of 30 stations
  • IVR capability
  • Voicemail for individual users and for groups, available during and after-hours
  • Time conditions for open and closed settings
  • Five incoming (FXO) phone lines
  • Three analogs (FXS) station lines
  • Station to Station calling
  • Transfer of calls
  • Intercom function
  • Historical call records


The initial challenge faced was an old phone system that could not adequately support call volumes. Guided by the problem-solving strategy, the project analyzed the technical issue, evaluated three feasible technological solutions, and implemented the VoIP system with satisfactory results. With VoIP quickly becoming a standard system for telecommunications, there are many additional features that can be implemented. After the successfully implemented of the VoIP communication systems, the allowing recommendations were made to the hospital’s future IT plan. First, the company should move from hardware phones to softphones (a software application for phone functions). The softphone program will reduce dependence on additional hardware components and provide additional flexibility to users. Features such as videoconferencing and instant messaging can be incorporated in a softphone with just a code upgrade. Hardware phones have limited upgradeability.

-Contact us today to know how FLYONIT’s VoIP Implementation to improve health service can transform your enterprise.

Case study – Business Calling for multiple Hospitals & Healthcare Sector


Microsoft Team’s business calling solution, corporate communication platforms integrate services for voice, PSTN calling, video conferencing, chat and PBX under one platform.

Hospital’s fragmented hybrid communication infrastructure was a result of the changing landscape. The company used local PABX telephony and proprietary non-IP based desk phones because their system didn’t support this capability at the time of adoption.

By moving to Skype Cloud PBX with Microsoft TEAM’s Calling for Office 365, the team consolidated all communication systems and significantly reduced communication costs.


Hospital’s IT department was charged with overseeing support infrastructure services for 150 employees across multiple locations. As part of their due diligence, the Hospitals’ communication infrastructure was audited, which consisted of:

  • On-premises PABX for telephony across their multiple locations
  • A local twisted copper wire-based phone system
  • SIP-based phone service provider, with no room to expand

After auditing the infrastructure and potential solutions, the following challenges were identified:

Overspending on communication: Hospitals were wasting each month on disparate and aging communication systems.

Missing functionality: The hospital was also missing key functionalities like extension dialing. To reach someone a few offices away, employees had to dial full telephone numbers.


The hospitals knew they were overspending on voice solutions. Upgrading to Office 365 E5 licenses with Microsoft’s Business Calling for Office 365 would give the hospitals access to Skype Cloud PBX services and eliminate the need for separate telephony, PSTN, and video conferencing solutions.

Being a hospital, Microsoft provides special pricing, upgrading to Skype Cloud PBX would drastically lower the hospital’s communication and support bills while consolidating all communication on a single platform.

However, moving the hospital’s complex hybrid voice environment was a challenge for the IT team. And to make matters worse, the team needed the solution implemented as quickly as possible due to COVID-19 distancing and Telehealth requirements.     

With split locations and a strict timeline, the hospital looked into hiring an outsourced cloud services provider because the IT staff didn’t have the expertise to handle the project in a timely fashion. They needed a cloud services partner with rich experience in hybrid voice solutions to guarantee the migration got done correctly and on time.

Working with FLYONIT – Microsoft Authorized Partner, the team identified the following project goals:

  • Plan the migration to ensure business continuity. FLYONIT accomplished this by migrating each campus separately.
  • Seamlessly migrate from an onsite system to Skype for Business.
  • Complete the project within the time frame to coincide with the relocation to the new administration building.
  • Port over DIDs and coordinate with exchange carriers so that schools could maintain the same phone numbers.
  • Mentor the migration team every step of the way, from planning to client computer configuration, post-migration support, and training.


Working with FLYONIT, hospitals migrated to Skype Cloud PBX within the timeline and with no disruption to users. FLYONIT outlined the technical requirements and team regularly until all accounts were migrated and users successfully transitioned to the new platform.   

Now, Skype Cloud PBX has solved many of the communication and support challenges faced in the past. For instance, the company has gained:

  • Familiar tools and tight integration with existing infrastructure.
  • Consolidating voice under Skype, the hospital now has one central point of contact for support.
  • Voice, conferencing, and scheduling features – under one solution.
  • New reporting functionalities: Advanced Skype reporting

Case study-Office365

Office 365 Migration decreases Server Load for Real Estate Agents Training Firm

By Recommendation Only, based in Carlsbad, Calif., affords coaching and training to real estate agents throughout Australia and New Zealand.  While its programs, tools and community serve an extensive range of experts, the small business’s staffs often have to wear manifold hats to take care of their clients.  Through migrating to Microsoft Office 365 with the aid of Agile IT, the association was able to professionally upgrade its members’ email and software programs, and save money by virtualizing many of its attendants.

Business Requirements

By Referral Only’s personnel were running on multiple programs and operating systems, ranging from Windows XP to Windows 7 and from Microsoft Office 2007 to 2010.  The company’s IT staff was looking to carry everyone up to speed with a stage that would be informal to accomplish.  “We’re a small corporation that moves carefully and slowly,” said Tony Stewart, IT analyst for By Referral Only.  “But we were overdue the times and needed to catch up.”

The company is also required to move its data storage to the Cloud, virtualizing many of its servers located across Sydney County.  Cutting down on equipment and the time required to maintain that equipment would help the small commercial significantly censored costs.


Touching its staff to Microsoft Office 365 enabled By Referral Only to appraise its systems, respond to its clients in real-time and get rid of some of its servers. Once the business traveled its operators to Office 365, it was able to drop its Sharepoint servers and Exchange and was also in line to drop its file servers and terminal, saving the company both money and time.

To help with the migration, By Referral Only’s IT team was looking for a technology companion they might count on to make the change as seamless as possible. Agile IT didn’t just provide the company with technical expertise, easy-to-understand advice and documentation, it also was flexible in letting By Referral Only’s IT team handle what it could to keep the overall price tag of the migration very minimal. “We researched a lot of companies around our area and I just felt really comfortable with the plan Agile IT had,” said Stewart. “We were observing for them to be an allowance of our team and, from start to end, it was a boundless experience.”


Moving to Microsoft Office 365 has assisted By Referral Only get quicker to reaching its goal of having only five servers – after having 20 – allowing the small business to reallocate money before spending on equipment and hardware.  Not only is the new web portal’s user interface easy to custom for the IT team, but By Referral Only’s staff continue to enjoy working in the Cloud and love the new version of Microsoft viewpoint.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Microsoft Office 365 for By Referral Only is the harmony of mind.  “I feel more at ease as a manager because I don’t have to be concerned about my server deafening or how good the gridlocks are,” said Stewart.  “I feel better after work.”