Configuring an AVM FritzBox


This guide shows you how to configure an AVM Fritzbox router / firewall as a border device with ECLOUD. This document is based on a FritzBox 7490 running firmware FRITZ!OS 06.83. Please note that we cannot assist you in the configuration of your firewall.


Step 1: Configure Port Forwarding (NAT)

This example shows the port forwarding configuration for port 5062” with a ECLOUD PBX system on IP

  1. Open the Fritz!Box Web Interface.
  2. From the navigation menu on the left, go to Internet” > “Permit Access”.
  3. In the “Port Sharing” tab, press “Add Device for Sharing”.
  4. Here fill in the following fields:
  • Set the “Device” option “Enter the IP address manually”, then enter the LAN IP address of your ECLOUD Server.
  • Uncheck option “Permit independent port sharing for this device”.
  1. To add the ports that you want to forward, press the “New Sharing” button. Repeat this step for each of the following protocols:
  • HTTP (TCP )
  • HTTPs (TCP)
  • RTP (UDP)

Note 1: For an always up to date list of the ports that need to be open check here.

Note 2: Some Fritz!Box devices don’t allow to enter large port ranges, so you might have to break the RTP port range into smaller ranges.

Note 3: The Secure SIP port is always one port number higher than the SIP port you configured during the installation.

  1. Click “Apply” to save the configuration.

Step 2: Validating Your Setup

Log into the ECLOUD Management Console, go to Dashboard” > Firewall” and run the  Firewall Checker to validate if your firewall is correctly configured for use with ECLOUD.