10 stunning advantages of Ecloud

Freedom of abstraction

Improving the IT enterprise is all about freedom of abstraction and simplicity. We restlessly put a layer on the other, to manage with the huge complicacy of hardware and software. Moreover, we openly set back responsibilities and role to varify layers and to inform others taking care of it, so we can point on what’s really essential: designing proper application that could earn money for our clients! The whole process indicates abstraction.

Scalability and Unlimited Resources

Efficiently unlimited and precise. Common hosting model, increasing our computing skills is a tedious and long process. We require to increase plan ahead, business growth, verify hardware, evaluate by the vendor and purchase, shipping and wait for installation. Let’s be active, we do not have the system to foresee what the next, so we usually finish up with neither not enough server to use the traffic, or owning too much useless hardwires and costing for them to sit idle mode. The harder we try to avoid this inconsistency, the more prosperous the system itself forms.


The system on our process tend to generate. This can be happening at several levels, depends on your own situation. As a such as:

  • If we are in the tourism business, we are busy in certain times of the year.
  • If we are in accounting guy, we have to deal things that people do have on a quarterly or monthly basis.
  • If we exchange with any person at all, depends on where are they, we may inform that they use the whole system on certain parts of the day.

Beside from this, there are also sudden rise that we can usually increase, like Black Sunday, and those we can’t, such as the Slash effect. In the process of Cloud, we can dealt with all of this by weighing down and up to date automatically, only costing for accurately what we utilise at any define moment while ineffectively operating everything kept at us. However, with our allocated servers, we could be continuously either rejecting or overpaying to use some requests because of different limits.

Control and Insight

The expenses of operating our own infrastructure and hardware is often convoluted and indirect. Initially, there are a lot of primary payments, at the same time other bills have to be reset over the different time periods. Moreover, we can plan and predict to handle random problems and emergencies, aware about staffs and other different potentialities.

Standard presentation

Cloud is the new and easily accessible standard for users. It is common – and operating usual things normally pays off. absolutely, performing thriving things might resulted more, but “usual” is key step on the purpose to “thriving” after avoiding the “old-fashioned” zone. True, the Cloud is a continually updating and reliable as an endless opportunity to be thrive on a daily basis, too. As we familiarise a new chapter of abstractions, worldwide acceptable standard soon followed.


Ecloud comes with many features. There is constant specialisation in heavy operations, processor, with various speedy options or memory with extended network coverage. We could need drives for fast hard or might be just a lot of them. It can be debated that we can purchase all of them ourselves and replace our main racks. This is running true, but those needs vary adjusting hardware manually and over time to compensate its complicacy.

Scale of Economy

Key Cloud infrastructure providers, as such as Azure, Google Cloud Platform and AWS are basically boundless. They are operating their services around 20 different regions, each operating many data centres while they can purchase and operate hardwires cheaper than others. When they are developing their 50th machine facility in a row, they aware how to implement this effectively.

Easy Maintenance

With ECloud, we do not require to operate such strategy. Network tools are covered under the abstraction of facility and engaged with of behind the parts, just like botched hard drives, overlooked processors and other hardware difficulties that previously required our consideration. Likewise, on the software level of managed services, we don’t have to apprehension about covering the database, big data framework or ampoule engine. It’s fingered overdue the scenes and all we need to do is resolve the apprise window, in case of key squares that might affect the functionality.

Major Cost Reduction

Just chartering space in current outdated data centres. servers, Racks, switches, network cables, firewalls, power supplies, all other equipment and hard drive arrays require to be credited, tested and installed. This is a big delinquent, especially for start-ups with unproven business plans, limited funding and unrealistic capacity necessities. With the Cloud, we hop all these risky and huge funds and just pay as we drive for what we practice. One strength argues, however, that it’s just an once investment, but Moore’s law is in the classic model and merciless, our servers will become radically inefficient at some fact and will need additional.


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