Skype Cloud PBX Solution Ease Communication for Busy Global Comp

Many firms do all business in a physical office, so why should message and voice communication be limited to computers and desk phones? Cloud PBX solutions resolve the requirement for physical phone lines, allowing staffs to make voice calls via a broadband Internet line. Interestingly, interrupted call quality is a debated issue, IT companies like Australian Barbell to rely on email contact rather than phone call alone for overall communication.

That’s why Australian Barbell CEO John Barb set his plan on Skype for Business Cloud PBX when initiating his practice tools company in 2013.

Headquarter located in Dabboo, the company also has a manufacturing house in Vietnam and satellite workers across the NSW and East Asia. Staffs have to travel usually and communicate always followed global scale. To manage a corporate environment while allocating team members to work continently, John needed an effective, all-in-one communication package connection as such as Skype for Business Cloud PBX.


Previously the Skype for Business PSTN calling capabilities became okay, John used Line2 for VoIP and and Skype for inhouse messaging. Using different communication tools was difficult to maintain, unreliable and costly. For example, when making phone calls with Line2, staffs often had to convert to email because sound quality wasn’t standard.

We would be paying for Skype for Business through our Office 365 subscriptions,” John said. “Paying for and Line2 just didn’t make any sense.”

With continental employees, transferring was also a big problem. John wanted a voice system that could seamlessly transferring callers to manager lines without differing his staffs to come into the office.

Amid running and merging an improving business, John also wore the IT hat. Operating with daily computer issues added a layer of detracted and stress from more important objectives. He not only requires a supplier to fix Skype for Business, but also a cloud partner to resolve the IT issues.


With the setup of Skype for Business Cloud PBX in 2015, John could finally fixed external and internal communications into cutting costs via one license for his company.

But fixing up the new voice communication system included porting over numbers and updating user licenses to the new software.  Without an in-house IT staffs, John needed a reliable partner to finish the project and given constant networking support.

Implementing with Agile IT, John gained:

  • Skype for Business Cloud PBX implementation for 37 sub desks
  • Accessing for Skype for Business Readiness, Planning and Assessment
  • Permitting support for Office 365 E5 and PSTN voice plans
  • Present DIDs (direct inward dialling numbers) stimulated to Microsoft voice services
  • One Auto Linked
  • Three Ring Collections


The best part of affecting to the Skype for Business phone system? Local personnel, distant workers, global associates and patrons can all enjoy continual voice calls and move projects along earlier.

From a customer’s viewpoint, Australian Barbell is also a specialized business situation. Transferring calls is a mechanical, one-step process with Auto Associated, and employees can take calls from anyplace.

With Agile IT’s cloud technicians at his disposal, John doesn’t have to tamper with employee computers, fix email glitches and field IT questions he knows little about. With accomplished IT services, users can now call Agile IT directly for printer matters or computer.

Overall, the change was seamless, John said. With exercise from Agile IT, staffs could begin by means of the cloud PBX resolution the similar day.


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