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Office 365 Migration decreases Server Load for Real Estate Agents Training Firm

By Recommendation Only, based in Carlsbad, Calif., affords coaching and training to real estate agents throughout the Australia and New Zealand.  While its programs, tools and community serve an extensive range of experts, the small business’s staffs often have to wear manifold hats to take care of their clients.  Through migrating to Microsoft Office 365 with the aid of Agile IT, the association was able to professionally upgrade its members’ email and software programs, and save money by virtualizing many of its attendants.

Business Requirements

By Referral Only’s personnel were running on multiple programs and operating systems, ranging from Windows XP to Windows 7 and from Microsoft Office 2007 to 2010.  The company’s IT staff was looking to carry everyone up to speed with a stage that would be informal to accomplish.  “We’re a small corporation that moves carefully and slowly,” said Tony Stewart, IT analyst for By Referral Only.  “But we were overdue the times and needed to catch up.”

The company also required to move its data storage to the Cloud, virtualizing many of its servers located across Sydney County.  Cutting down on equipment and the time required to maintain that equipment would help the small commercial significantly censored costs.


Touching its staffs to Microsoft Office 365 enabled By Referral Only to apprise its systems, respond to its clients in real-time and get rid of some of its servers. Once the business traveled its operators to Office 365, it was able to drop its Sharepoint servers and Exchange, and was also in line to drop its file servers and terminal, saving the company both money and time.

To help with the migration, By Referral Only’s IT team was looking for a technology companion they might count on to make the change as seamless as possible. Agile IT didn’t just provide the company with technical expertise, easy-to-understand advice and documentation, it also was flexible in letting By Referral Only’s IT team handle what it could to keep the overall price tag of the migration very minimal. “We researched a lot of companies around our area and I just felt really comfortable with the plan Agile IT had,” said Stewart. “We were observing for them to be an allowance of our team and, from start to end, it was a boundless experience.”


Moving to Microsoft Office 365 has assisted By Referral Only get quicker to reaching its goal of having only five servers – after having 20 – allowing the small business to reallocate money before spent on equipment and hardware.  Not only is the new web portal’s user interface easy to custom for the IT team, By Referral Only’s staffs continue to enjoy working in the Cloud and love the new version of Microsoft viewpoint.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Microsoft Office 365 for By Referral Only is harmony of mind.  “I feel more at ease as a manager because I don’t have to concern about my server deafening or how good the gridlocks are,” said Stewart.  “I feel better at after work.”


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