Case Study: 200 Room in a hotel internal communication PBX


Client: International Hotel Chain

Location: Laverton, Victoria, AU

Year: 2019

Industry: Accommodation Service

Number of sites: 100 desks and 100 room satellite home office


A reputed international chain hotel in Laverton, Victoria, Australia installed eCloud for their internal and head office communication system engaging with customer inquiry, reception linkage and company head office communication for smooth business.

Now, they have around 100 customers and are using a mix of Polycom SIP telephones and Toshiba SIP Wireless telephones with Broadcom Definity PBX, VegaStream VoIP Gateway and eCloud PBX. Each floor has between 20 to 25 customers with Polycom SIP telephones and every sub-office has one Polycom SIP telephone. eCloud PBX communication items will work well for those client as they scale up to 400 clients later on.

Challenges and Requirements:

Because of the numerous customer areas, there were three noteworthy issues they wished to determine by bringing IP PBX item into their network. To begin with, hotel room locations and specialists in head office workplaces were isolated from the fundamental corporate phone framework, counteracting smooth correspondence with internal communication. Secondly, the overall maintenance for the system of the hotel problematic and costly. The authority wanted to minimise the expense and time for keeping up their corporate-wide communication. Third, the hotel required a smooth and noiseless usage for their valued customer on the grounds that the task of the room service workplaces and home office couldn’t be interfered.


By introducing IP PBX framework, the close distance communication and satellite head office got their extension numbers associated with the main server. This change was a big advantage for the head office, network experts making their correspondence easy and more effective. With eCloud PBX’s electronic managerial systems of PBX, the overall maintenance of the network communication can be cultivated properly. This extra time and cost in setting up the communication easy and perfect, and decreases costs for day by day support. With the high interoperability rate of eCloud PBX and simple installment, the change to IP Telephony system was perfect and faster for the hotel.

Result and Benefits:

After huge research, the integrator who has operated this installation, Buzz Systems, picked eCloud PBX for this task. This product ensured internal maintenance tools just as simple change from the old telephone communication system to new IP telephony system which is client required. By using IP-PBX telephone system into their hotel, the organization had the option to take advantage of IP items for interfacing hotel to head office communication all intents and purposes borderless. The eCloud PBX’s web regulatory tools enable the integrator to set up different locations and satellite room workplaces remotely without intruding on their day by day operations. An element I would like to offer there is the capability to the call logs to email subsequently, at each day from different email address.

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