Case Study: Dentists @Your Door


Client: Dentists @ Your Door

Location: Aircraft, Victoria

Year: 2019

Industry: Dentistry, Oral and facecare

Dentists @Your Door is at Aircraft, Victoria based bulk billing dentistry. Oral and Facecare facilities for local patients for long time. It offers various kinds of traditional and modern dentistry and relevant care as well as surgery, therapy and Medicare at Specialised Medical Practices. Dentists @Your Door also provide emergency and nursing support is case of patient needs as excellent services.


Dentists @Your Door haven’t any online service, so are completely unable to reach online patients as a result they are out of huge online marketing, comparatively their competitive medical reach out those customers and getting more patients. At the same time, Dentists @Your Door couldn’t ale to highlight their purpose of service to patient due to web inexistence. Now a day, lack of proper communication, they are losing patients and fame in the market, as a result their productivity and serving capability has been hampered keenly.


Dentists @Your Door had ordered us to make a real time interactive web solution, booking, billing and overall network support. To continue their services and compete at current market they haven’t other option in front of them at the moment. They have planned structure, excellent dentist team, trained administration officers and long-term fame on dentistry business.


By following and analysing their work-order, we offered them a market-oriented solution to solve their networking issues and online communication. We agreed to provide them a fully secured, end-to-end multi-purpose network services, they can receive online booking, over the phone consultation, telephone or video-conferencing with patients, so that they can consult with patients to grow their business services and cost minimising. We provided them to minimise their overall operation costs and solving network issues, by maintaining the highest level of network performance and schedule. Our solutions help them to focus their main purpose of goal and solving unnecessary network issues and system collapse.

We also develop a multi-purpose website for them and that website will be helpful for them to reach more customers and catch more patients to providing better services and make the highest profit.

Moreover, we provided Dentists @Your Door, SEO services and assist them to improve their website rankings to visitors. It will help them to focus their key services to the people and attract visitors to visit their sites more and more and become interactive, for example giving like, comment or feedbacks.


By taking services from us, Dentists @Your Door is now capable to highlight more on their main purpose and doing better business than before. Now, they can manage all kinds of online booking, giving online consultation, video conferencing with patients, emergency responding and doctors schedule easily. By using our services, they are able to minimise their network and website operation expenses as well as their business profits and service generation have been increased.

Our digital marketing strategy services assist Dentists @Your Door to increase their profit, compete in market, attract patients and ensure their quality of services.


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